Terms and Conditions for your inJoy Equipment’s Limited Warranty

1.        Your newly purchased inJoy equipment comes with a 6-months, limited-warranty on factory defects in mechanical and electrical parts starting from the date of initial purchase. Within this period, inJoy will repair or replace any components that fail due to defects under normal use, with the decision solely at inJoy’s discretion. This warranty is applicable only to the customer whose name is in the warranty card and is not transferable. If you experienced a factory defect with the equipment, the equipment must be brought to the seller, or any inJoy service centers, along with this warranty card and seller’s receipt. For equipment bought through inJoy Online Store, please email or with your Official Receipt, description of details of defect, and wait for further instructions.

2.        This warranty does not cover:

a.        Transportation/handling/delivery costs

b.        Routine maintenance servicing and cleaning

c.        Accessories such as buttons, knobs, handles, levers, or switches

d.        Consumable parts such as bearings, O-rings, gaskets, shaft seals, fan/motor belts, plastic gears, etc.

e.        Normal wear and tear, rusting, or dents and bumps

f.         Damage to the equipment is caused accidentally or intentionally or by natural causes

g.        Damages due to usage not in accordance to instructions for operation

h.        Damages to compressor if equipment was immediately operated in less than 24 hours after movement

i.         Damages where pest bite, excrement, or residue is present

j.         Overheating/burn-out of motors, rotors, heater, compressor, sensor, and bulb due to overwork or overvoltage or insufficient exhaust area; including consequential damages to other parts due to this

k.        Short circuitry of wiring and board due to moisture build-up, overheating or melting of insulation linings

l.         Use of the equipment outside the Philippines

3.        This warranty will be void if:

a.        Repair attempts are made by anyone not authorized by inJoy. View the list of inJoy Service Centers at

b.        Equipment is installed to wrong voltage supply, subjected to fluctuating voltage supply, or not connected to an appropriate automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

c.        Warranty sticker or inJoy serial number sticker is tampered, altered or removed

d.        Equipment was altered or modified to use in ways other than its intended purpose, including use of imitation parts

e.        Recommended procedure stated in the inJoy product intended for the equipment was not followed

f.         Equipment was not placed on a flat, level, stable surface; or moved while turned on

g.        Improper handling such that visible physical damages arises, since this could inadvertently cause possible internal accidental damages.

4.        No repair or replacement will renew or extend the warranty period. The seller and inJoy shall not be liable to the customer for incidental or consequential damages, loss of anticipated profits, or work downtime due to use or inability to use the equipment.

5.        The purchase of this equipment is between the seller and the customer only. Should civil actions arise that will involve inJoy, any and all civil actions shall be filed in the proper courts of Quezon City, Metro Manila to the exclusion of all other venues. The terms and conditions of this warranty may not be altered, modified, or in any way changed by any dealers, sellers, service centers, retail stores, factory outlets, or any company representatives.