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Let your customers feel the breeze from the ocean with this refreshing Fruit tea soda! Look at that photo added on your menu, isn’t it eye catching? Simple idea with a beautiful presentation! Make your milk tea menu instagrammable!

inJoy Under the Sea soda Recipe


        • 45ml inJoy Green Apple Fruit Syrup
        • 45ml inJoy Blue Lemonade Fruit Syrup
        • 250ml Soda or Water
        • Lemon
        • Chia Seeds 


1. Mix 45ml of inJoy Green Apple fruit syrup with 45ml water. Set aside.

2. Mix 45ml of inJoy Blue Lemonade fruit syrup with 250ml soda or water. Set aside.

3. Fill your cup with tube ice.

4. Pour the green apple mix into the cup as the first layer

5. Slowly add the blue lemonade mix on top to form the second layer.

6. Add toppings like lemon or chia seeds. Shake well before drinking.

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