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Dahil may Assam Black Tea na available from inJoy, hindi ka na mahihirapang i-customize ang lasa ng iyong Milk Tea flavor! Do it as you want it using inJoy Assam Black Tea. Here’s one recipe on how to mix and match inJoy Assam Black Tea with other injoy Milk Tea products! This one’s classic!

inJoy Winter Classic Recipe


        • 3g of inJoy Assam Black Tea
        • 200ml hot water
        • 80ml of inJoy Wintermelon Fruit Syrup
        • Cooked Gulaman
        • Cream Cheese


1. Pour 200g of brewed Assam Black Tea (3g of tea leaves steeped in 200ml of hot water).

2. Add 80ml of Wintermelon fruit syrup. Set aside.

3. Add cooked gulaman

4. Add cream cheese as floater

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