Have you heard of the fruit na kaya kang ipaglaban? It’s called AVOCADO! That is why we made this incredible idea of creating Atty. Cado!

Atty. Cado Milk Shake Recipe


  • 40g of inJoy Avocado Milk Shake powder
  • Barquillos flakes
  • inJoy Cream Cheese
  • inJoy Tapioca Pearls
  • Diced avocado fruit


1. Add 160g of crushed ice into a blender.

2. Add 40g of inJoy Avocado Milk Shake powder.

3. Add 40ml of water.

4. Blend well. Set aside.

5. On a glass, add barquillos flakes.

6. Pour blended inJoy Avocado Milk Shake and fill half of the glass.

7. Add inJoy Cream Cheese on top.

8. Add the remaining inJoy Avocado Milk Shake

9. Top with inJoy Tapioca Pearls and diced avocado fruit.