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Praise Fries Business Package

Package Inclusions:

1 unit inJoy Electric Fryer
1 unit inJoy Potato Fries Cutter
2 packs inJoy Praise Fries Powder
1 pack inJoy Barbecue Dip
1 pack inJoy Chili Cheese Dip
1 pack inJoy Wasabi Dip


Your milk tea business or food stall is not complete without fries! Try inJoy Praise Fries for a delicious, easy to prepare fries! Perfect for long fries, croquettes, bite size, potato balls etc! Add inJoy’s dips like Chili Cheese, Ketchup, BBQ and Wasabi to keep your customers coming back for more! Preparing inJoy Praise Fries is easy. You just add water and mix until it forms a dough. Extrude dough using inJoy’s Potato Cutter and deep fry for 2 to 3 minutes. Follow these simple steps and you can enjoy a delicious with the right amount of crispiness for your fries! 

Where to order inJoy Praise Fries? 

– Dealers Nationwide (Message us on inJoy Philippines Facebook Page to know the dealers nearest your area)

–  Negosyong Bayan Outlets

– ShopeeMall and LazMall

Watch the preparation procedure of inJoy Praise Fries here:


You can also compute how much you can earn when you include fries as your snacks in your business! Compute them in this table here: 

Profit Computation:

Costing Per Cup:

500g Praise Fries Powder


1 L Water


Cooking Oil 200ml


10 pcs. paper tray




136.24/10 servings

Cost per Serving


Best places to establish your inJoy negosyo!








Or even in your own Home!

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