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List milk tea business equipment you need for your business

If you’re planning to start a new milk tea business and are thinking about what you need to start, then you have come to the right place. This blog post will help you with a comprehensive list of milk tea equipment needed for your business. From cups, straws to other equipment you need, this list will have you covered!

   1. Milk Tea Cups and lids

There are different types of cups and different sizes too. If you’re using this for starting a business, it will be best to offer different sizes to give your customers an option. Available sizes for cups are 12 oz cups, 16 oz cups, 22 oz cups. The different types of cups you can choose from the following: U-Cups, S-Type Cups, Plain Y-Cups, Rippled, Hard and many more.

For the types of lids there are Dome Lids, Flat Lids, Hard or Colored Lids.

   2. Milk Tea Utensils

For the supplies you need for your milk tea shop, these are the things you should have in hand for convenience.

      • Klip Top Container for Milk Tea Powder – For a more secure and hygienic storage of your powder
      • Powder Scoop – This is important for accurate scooping of your milk tea powders
      • Pearl Scooper – A pearl scooper has gaps for the Tapioca Pearls syrup to drip from. This is useful for accurate Tapioca Pearls serving for your customer
      • Shaker – Again, for accurate serving of your milk tea recipes. A Shaker will usually have the measurements already so you can check the amount of water / liquid you add. You can also add ice into the shaker while preparing.
      • Milk Tea Stirrer – For syrup based drinks
      • Jigger – For syrup or liquid measurements

   3. Plastic Straws

No further explanation needed. There are different kinds of straws available like paper straws. For plastic straws, there are fun different colored straws too.

   4. Milk Tea Equipment

      • Cup Sealer and film – This is good for deliveries so you won’t need to buy lids anymore. There are manual and automatic cup sealers.
      • Ice Chest/ Ice Container – No milk tea is complete without ice of course! It is good to invest in a good ice chest or cooler.
      • Pan and Stove/ Rice Cooker / Pearl Cooker – Complete your milk tea with delicious and chewy Tapioca Pearls. It’s good to invest in a Pearl Cooker so you can achieve perfect consistency without a hassle. If you’re not ready yet, you can buy the usual stove and cook your Boba Pearls there.

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      • Ice Crusher – If your business offers slush or crushed ice applications
      • Cup or Straw Holder – For a more aesthetically pleasing milk tea shop, you can also invest in a cup or milk tea supplies holder

   5. For Take out and others

      • Tissue
      • Take out bags

Now that we’ve covered the basic supplies you need let’s go to the next question you would be wondering. Where do I buy these?

Where to buy supplies for milk tea

   1. Divisoria in Tondo Manila
This is a popular area for wholesale and affordable supplies. We are sure that everything we listed above is available here. However, if you want to visit and shop here, you must be ready for the many shoppers in this area.

This is not recommended because of the ongoing health situation today and we would suggest you try online channels. There are also different Facebook Groups among Divisoria sellers but you should also buy at your own risk as anyone can really post in these groups.

   2. Shopee and Lazada
Aside from being able to cater nationwide, these e-commerce platforms are already serving complete items. In fact, if you reach a certain amount of purchase you can even get free shipping discounts or add-on deals.

You can simply utilize their search bar.
TIP: Choose the items with the most number of items sold. That way, you know that they are already trusted! Aside from this, choose the seller that is near your area for cheaper shipping fee options.

   3. Facebook Marketplace
You can also utilize the Facebook Marketplace option on your FB profile. However, you have to take extra precautions here and make sure to check the seller reviews as well. You would also have to canvas or compare prices with other Marketplace sellers and this is easier to do through the Shopee and Lazada platforms.

How to start Milk tea business

Now that your supplies and equipment are ready to go, your next question would be “How do I start my milk tea business?

1. Find a milk tea supplier for your business

Of course, you need the main thing – the ingredients. You want to be able to choose a trusted milk tea supplier with lots of different flavors to choose from!

2. Watch milk tea tutorials and procedures

It is also advisable to watch tutorials and seminars online. An example is this comprehensive milk tea tutorial with shelf life and different recipes:

After learning about the procedures, you are good to go and confident to start your own business!

We hope this list of milk tea supplies and equipment we provided were useful to you.

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