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Want a twist in your dalgona coffee? Try our new recipe using 3in1 inJoy coffee with inJoy cream cheese! This will surely give a you a different take in your coffee and will give you an idea to be more innovative when it comes to the drink you intake everyday! And in inJoy all recipes are very convenient and easy to prepare!

Cheesy Dalgona Coffee Recipe


        • inJoy Vendo 3 in 1 Coffee – 1tbsp.
        • inJoy Cream Cheese – 2tbsp.
        • Water – 3tbsp.
        • Fresh Milk


1. Dissolve inJoy 2 tbps. Cream cheese in 3 tbsp COLD water (make sure you’re using COLD water). Mix well.

2. Mix in 1 tbsp inJoy 3 in 1 Coffee

3. Fill cup with ice and pour the Milk.

4. Pour inJoy Coffee and Cream Cheese mixture. Serve and inJoy!

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