Upgrade your simple Okinawa Milk Tea with this simple recipe! Make it cheesier and indulge to the creaminess of inJoy Cream Cheese perfect as wall design to the cup and floater! Make your milk tea menu instagrammable!

 inJoy Okinawa Cheesecake Recipe


      • inJoy Cream Cheese
      • inJoy Tapioca Pearl
      • inJoy Okinawa Milk Tea


1. Create Heavy Cream Cheese by adding 500g of powder in 1L COLD Water and whip at full speed until fully aerated.

2. Add cooked Tapioca Pearl in your cup

3. Spread around 1 tbsp of Heavy Cream Cheese on the sides of the glass.

4. Add 320g of Okinawa Milk Tea

5. Add 50g of Cream Cheese floater on top

6. Garnish with Crushed Grahams on top