We are sure that you are excited to use your inJoypreneur Card. Please note that by using the inJoypreneur¬† Card, you (‚ÄúinJoypreneur‚ÄĚ) thereby agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions below:¬†

1. The inJoypreneur Card is valid for use in all participating inJoy Negosyong Bayan stores within the  Philippines only. 

2. Doxo Ingredients Inc. (‚ÄúCompany‚ÄĚ) reserves the right to cancel or not to accept the inJoypreneur Card or the points earned with it if we believe that the use is fraudulent or unauthorized.

3. The Company’s employees and their relatives up to the fourth (4th) degree of consanguinity and affinity shall not be eligible to join the inJoypreneur Loyalty Program, even after one year from not being connected to the company.

4. Full points will be earned only for sales which are deemed final. A sale shall be deemed final when  the following conditions are met: 

a. The purchase is fully paid (if payment was made by check, the check has been cleared by  the depositary bank); and 

b. No refunds have been made for the items purchased.  

5. The inJoypreneur Card, as well as the corresponding points earned therewith shall not be  transferable in by any means such as sale, donation, succession, card-to-card point transfer, and  other modes of transfer of ownership, and shall be valid for use only by the inJoypreneur and his  friends/relatives who must present it when conducting any transaction. 

6. The inJoypreneurshall not use his/her inJoypreneur Card to earn points from transactions of other  customers. 

7. The inJoypreneur Card is valid from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. The points earned  therewith may be claimed until February 28, 2025. Unredeemed points/rewards will be forfeited  afterwards. 

8. Always present your inJoypreneur Card to the Cashier prior to purchase or payment. If you cannot  be physically present during the purchase, you may send a text message containing your  inJoypreneur Card Number and Name as verification. Sending just one is not enough as a  typographical error may occur and there is no double checking that may be conducted. Failure to  send both Card Number and Name means that you will not hold the Company and its employees  liable for any mistake in the earning of points. 

9. Points earned from the use of the inJoypreneur Card shall be credited to the inJoypreneur’s  account at any time within fifteen (15) days from the time the sale is deemed final. The  inJoypreneur shall be responsible to keep track of his points in his account. Points earned which  are not credited within fifteen (15) days from the date of the finality of the sale must be reported  immediately, otherwise the Company shall not be liable for points that are not credited to the  inJoypreneur’s account thirty (30) days from the date of the transaction. Please email us at for any concerns. Always keep your transaction receipts as  reference. 

10. For the redemption of Points, those points reflected in our records shall be deemed correct and  the Company reserves the right to determine the available amount of points to be awarded to or  redeemed by the inJoypreneur. The Company also reserves the right to correct the balance of the  inJoypreneur’s Card should it believe that an error or refund has occurred. 

11. In case of hacked accounts, lost phone with installed inJoypreneur app, and/or lost or damaged  inJoypreneur Card, the inJoypreneur must immediately report the said incident by calling an inJoy  Negosyong Bayan store or e-mail the Company at Any inJoypreneur  account reported as lost, hacked or damaged shall be automatically blocked in the system and a  replacement inJoypreneur Card will be issued for a fee of Fifty Pesos (PhP 50.00). 

12. The Company shall not be liable for an inJoypreneur’s lost or redeemed points if your account has  been accessed by others and before such loss or damage was reported to the Company. Please  do not share your password to anyone. 

13. The inJoypreneur shall provide his/her Name, Mobile Phone Number, and E-Mail for registration  to the inJoypreneur Loyalty Program. This will be treated with confidentiality based on the  Philippine Data Privacy Act. By providing these information, the inJoypreneur agrees that he/she has given the information supplied voluntarily and thereby allows the Company to send him  product promotions. 

14. Purchases made using the InJoypreneur Card entitles the inJoypreneur to earn the following  Points under the inJoypreneur Loyalty Program for the following inJoy-labeled items: 

‚ÄĘ One (1) Point for every 1kg pack size inJoy Product (Milkshake, Ice Cream, Scramble, etc)

‚ÄĘ One (1) Point for every inJoy Syrup (1L, 1kg, or 750mL)¬†

‚ÄĘ One (1) Point for every pack of inJoy Flavor Concentrate (any size)¬†

‚ÄĘ Half (0.5) Point for every 500g pack size inJoy Product (Milk Palamig, Vendo, etc)¬†

‚ÄĘ One-fourth (0.25) Point for every 250g pack size inJoy Product (Kreem Puff, etc)¬†

‚ÄĘ One-fourth (0.25) Point for every pack (50pcs) of inJoy Paper Cup (6.5oz)¬†

‚ÄĘ 0.2 Point for every 200g pack size inJoy Product (Cheese, BBQ, Sour Cream Seasoning)

‚ÄĘ 0.1 Point for every 25g pack size inJoy Gulaman¬†

‚ÄĘ Five (5) Points for every inJoy Syrup Gallon (5kg)¬†

15. Earned points may be used to redeem different types of rewards by viewing the Company’s website at, inquiring through SMS (text message), or downloading our mobile  application. Always check for announcements from time to time for special rewards available only  for a limited time. Upon choosing the Reward that is to be availed, the inJoypreneur will receive  a text message including the code of the Reward. To claim the rewards, the inJoypreneur shall  either present the text message received or forward the text message to the inJoy Negosyong  Bayan Store at the point in time during which the purchase is made.  

16. Unless otherwise clearly stated in the promo, the inJoypreneur will not earn Points for purchases  in conjunction to other promotions or discounted sales. 

17. Points and/or Rewards cannot be converted into cash or credit balances. Once redeemed, points  and/or rewards may not be returned or canceled even if the reward has not been claimed yet. Any redeemed item that has not been claimed after 2 months from receiving the code, or after  March 31, 2025 (whichever is sooner), will be forfeited. 

18. The Company may amend the terms of this agreement at any time, with the amendment posted  on our website. The changes will automatically apply to current and future inJoypreneur Cards.  Should you not accept the amendments, you may notify us in writing to have your inJoypreneur  Card canceled. Consequently, all points and rewards will be forfeited and canceled. 

19. The Company does not warrant that the inJoypreneur Loyalty Program will be free from bugs,  errors, delays, or interruption. We will not be liable for any loss of income, profit, opportunity  arising out of the use of this program. 

20. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements and cannot be superseded or changed by  anybody except Doxo Ingredients Inc in writing. If any provision of this agreement is illegal or  unenforceable, that provision will be deleted from this agreement, and the remaining terms will  not be affected.