Say no to hassle procedures of preparing your favorite Leche Flan with inJoy Pudding powders! No need to steam na! Just follow this simple procedure!

inJoy Pudding Leche Flan Recipe


      • 1/2 cup of inJoy (90 grams) Pudding Custard
      • 70 grams of inJoy Caramelized Sugar Syrup
      • 6 pcs of Egg Yolk
      • 1 can of (390g) Condensed Milk Creamer
      • 1 can of Evaporated Milk Creamer


1. In a pot, combine water, egg yolk inJoy Custard Pudding, evaporated Milk Creamer, and condensed milk creamer. Mix well.

2. Over low heat, allow mixture to simmer for at least 1 minute with constant stirring

3. Pour and spread inJoy Caramelized Sugar Syrup onto llanera, followed by the cooked leche flan mixture

4. Allow mixture to cool. For best results, refrigerate for minimum of 3 hours before serving.