Classic Milk Scramble 1kg


  • Net weight: 1kg
  • Yield: Makes 33 16 oz cups
  • Tastes just like ice cream. Very thick and creamy! 
  • Different Milk scramble flavors available here
  • How to make Milk Scramble/ Procedure:
    • Using the electric hand mixer, mix 1kg of Milk Scramble Dairy Frozen Dessert Powder Mix in 5kgs of crushed ice. 
    • Mix until the mixture aerates or until foamy. Serve and inJoy!
  • Why you should order Milk Scramble
    • Classic Favorite of Pinoys. It’s the taste of the Milk Scramble you’ve always loved. 
    • Made with quality ingredients. Each product undergoes quality testing to ensure the best product in your hands
    • Creamy and Thick consistency. Use the electric hand mixer as you prepare your milk scramble for the cool and smooth experience
    • Can last up to 2 hours in an ice chest. Perfect for business
    • Convenient to prepare. There’s no hassle to start this as a business. Instructions are also very clear and easy to follow. Video tutorials on how to prepare your milk scramble are available too.



  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Q: How to order inJoy Classic Milk Scramble Powder Mix?
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    • Q: What is the mode of payment?
      • As of now the mode of payment is Cash on Delivery (COD)
    • Q: Where do you deliver?
      • inJoy is available nationwide through our various dealers. It is also available on Shopee and Lazada or through our company owned Negosyong Bayan Outlets
      • For this website though, we can only deliver to Metro Manila, Rizal, Lipa, Cebu
    • Q: How to be a reseller?
      • You can resell inJoy Milk Tea powders from our dealers. To apply for dealership, you can click here
    • Q: How long is the delivery?
      • It depends on the bulk of orders we receive. It will usually take 2-3 days for Metro Manila deliveries.

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Weight 1 kg